Sunday, January 14, 2018

Old vs new robot

I still have my RS4 robot and it is fully functional.
You can see in the picture the size difference between them, they have the same capabilities.
I managed to better integrate all the components in the newer robot.


  1. What is the build cost of the RS5? I would like to develop with this. It would be cool to integrate my voice interface software.

    1. Hello Brandon,

      I don't have a number in my head. I need to check it and I'll give a number later. I have only 2 robots assembled but it is possible to assemble another one easily.

    2. Awesome, I'll shoot you a message on Google Hangouts with my contact info. I'd be happy to buy one off you and/or the project files.
      The only things I could imaging needing to add at the moment are a mic and speaker.

  2. It's look great !
    I want to ask if I could find the code from open source or something like that for test and improving ?
    Specially the openCV for image processing ..?

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