Sunday, November 19, 2017

New robot for future work

Hello all,

I'm working in a new robot that will be my new platform for development, it has the same architecture as the previous one, two wheel self balancing robot, but it is built using 3D printed parts which make everything easier to develop and replicate.
You can see it working in this video, remote control only for now.

It was designed to integrate a raspberry pi 3 and camera module, at the moment there's some work to do on it for the robot to be autonomous. I'll reveal more information in the next posts. My time for this hobby is limited but will try to keep it moving forward.

Best regards :)


  1. nice to hear your update states.... looking forward to hearing more from you soon.... :)

  2. Great project
    I'm waiting for the next update,
    Best wishes

  3. Your robots have been an inspiration to myself and many more. I hope you can find the time to continue your work and perhaps show us how you built your robots, the blog helps a lot but videos would really be appreciated ;)

    1. Thank you for the comment. It takes a lot of time and effort to create detailed videos. The robot looks simple from the outside but it has a lot of components. I'll try to make a description of the project in a future post.

  4. Its great job! I triying a robot like this for my homework but there are some problems. Can you help me about this please.

  5. Hello, could you please share your 3D printed file of this robot case?