Monday, January 22, 2018

Follow me feature

I've been playing with two RS5 robots, it is possible to do some cool stuff.
I've implemented object tracking using color and this way is possible for one robot to follow the other one. Take a look at the video, the blue robot is remote controlled and the pink robot is autonomous.

Color tracking can be tricky due to changing light conditions. If the ambient light is stable it works really nice.

Hope you like :)


  1. Your great man ,need your sorce xode only for balancing plz bro

  2. Can you send me the code for ball tracking used in rs4.. I searched it and couldn't find it.

  3. Nice work, is the Pi doing all the work, or do you have a micro controller doing the balancing loop?

    1. Hello, I have a board that controls almost everything. Pi is used for image processing.
      The robot can work without the pi if you use bluetooth.